Whippets are a lovely, gentle breed of dog.

I had had German Shorthair Pointers for many years, but found, after an accident that I could not lift them in case of an emergency, which DID happen.
I then had to get smaller dogs that I could handle easier, so I chose my first whippet, Dash.

Unfortunately, Dash progressively went blind from the age of about 5 years old.  He is now almost totally blind, and can only see shadows outside when the sun is bright.

Next came Bonnie who is also unfortunate in that she had spent the first six years of her life in a boarding kennel.
Bonnie is a gorgeous "grey" or blue as it is called in dog language, and she was extremely timid when I got her.  She was petrified when I took her for walks and each time a car went by, she would jump.

However as the months went by, Bonnie became acclimatized to suburbia and the loud noises, and in the last few years, has come out of her shell to be a sweet, though still timid friend to both Dash and the adults in the house!

Now, I believe that Dash for sure thinks he is a real person and not a fur baby as I see him.  He has been seen to burrow into our bed.
He is also not against putting a bit of leg over a female, as the next photo shows!

Although whippets look very fragile, I have found that they are not really.  They run so fast, and I believe they are sometimes injured by just running too fast and not being able to stop in time when a mysterious object like a tree just happens to be in front of them!

Still, they are good company for each other and the humans and in winter time, it is interesting to see how they snuggle up to each other to get warm.

Living with dogs is something that I do not think I could do without, as they give such unconditional love, and have such quirky traits that can amuse for ages.

Not happy Jan, however when Bonnie tears up her beds, and have now given up buying any as they always end up disintegrated and a huge mess!


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