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Best Ever Chocolate Mousse

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - what can I say!  I have not met anyone who does not like this.

My chocolate mousse recipe is always much in demand as everyone loves it.  It has been handed down to me by my late best friend, and we used to make it often many years ago.

Nowadays, I do not add any sugar to it as it does not need it though in the original recipe, it says to add a cup of sugar if using cooking chocolate.

Chocolate is a bit like wine when you cook with it.  Use a good one, and your recipe will taste all the better for it.  I therefore am always on the lookout for Lindt chocolate at half price.  I use the 70% dark chocolate as that is healthier than plain dark chocolate.

I do, in fact have one square of this almost every night as I rarely have cakes or food with added sugar nowadays.  That is what happens as we age - things seem to start "wearing out", and sugar levels go up for some odd reason.  I used to be able to eat exactly what I wanted, and as much sugar or cake as I wan…