These pies are made from the leftovers of my recipe of genuine Jewish Chicken Soup, and are quick and easy, and very yummy.

I have made them into individual pies as then I can just re-heat them for the next few days.  I used a bought pastry here, however I usually make my own pastry as then there are no chemicals or preservatives in it.

Home made is, for me, always best - often it is not the cheapest option however I like to know what goes into my food as against having a whole lot of "numbers" indicating chemicals.

I also like the pastry as thin as can be, so even though this was a bought pastry, I flattened it first before putting the filling inside.  I find the pastry can take over the recipe if it is thick, such as a bought pie.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Makes:  16 pies

Cooked chicken
Cooked vegetables
4 sheets Puff pastry
Tomato Sauce, to serve

Cut the chicken up, as per my Jewish chicken soup recipe, or if you are not making the soup, grill or microwave a few pieces of chicken till it is JUST done.

Boil the vegetables, or use the ones left over from my Jewish Chicken soup recipe.

Mix the two together and season it with salt and pepper.  You can also now add a few spoons of the chicken stock from the soup.

Cut each slice of the Puff Pastry into four pieces (partly defrosted).  I then flattened it so that the pastry was as thin as possible, as per my notes above.

Fill each pastry piece with a few spoons of the chicken/vegetable mixture and close the pastry around it carefully, making sure it is sealed.

Cook in a pre-heated 180 degrees oven for about 15-20 minutes, and serve with some tomato sauce.


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