German Almond Bread - Dresden Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot is German and literally means almond bread.  It is a biscuit similar to the Italian biscotti, which is crisp, and sliced into slices.

It does have quite a lot of sugar in it, however these 20 or so servings go a long way, and you would possibly only eat a few of these at a time.  Beware however, as they are very moorish.

They last for ages, and are great in lunch boxes or served on the saucer with a cup of tea or coffee - well, if you USE saucers, of course!

Mandelbrot or biscotti is usually baked twice, however "Dresden" Mandelbrot is only baked once.

I also made some as a plain round biscuit instead of the loaf type that is typical -hence the two types in my photos!

This recipe makes a large amount, and unless you have a very large family,  I would suggest halving it.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Makes: 20 servings

3 large eggs
300 g sugar
300 g plain flour
1 tsp ground cloves
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cacao
250 g almonds

Pre heat the oven to 190° or 170° if the oven is fan forced.

Beat the eggs and sugar, and then stir in the flour and spices.

Knead it well, and add the whole almonds.

Mix the raw almonds into the mixture.

If the mixture is not thick enough to knead and shape,  add a little more flour.

Put some flour on a surface (I always used baking paper directly on the bench) and make a small log.

I used the baking paper to shape the log, and this quantity made two logs.

Turn the temperature down to 170° or 150°C if the oven is fan forced, and bake for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile if you have any left over dough, make a few ordinary shaped biscuits.

Cook them for only about 7 minutes or until they are just starting to turn brown.

When the two logs have cooled down, slice them.  If you want them more crispy, slice them thinly, and bake again for about 20 minutes, however I left mine, and they are delicious.  You can make them as thick or as thin as you like.

Now serve with coffee or tea!

Even one of my dogs loved these -I turned round and the balance on my plate was gone in seconds!


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