Hot or Cold Pumpkin Pies for Two People

These small pumpkin pies are an ideal snack and could be eaten hot or cold.  They are therefore also great for lunch boxes instead of buying, spending money and getting food with chemicals in it.

I usually make my own pastry for the same reason, however once again I was in a hurry and decided to use a frozen one.  When I use this type of pastry I always roll it out, as I like pastry to be nice and thin, and not take over the whole meal.  The bought pastries are always way too thick for me to cook with, and although I do not like buying processed ingredients, sometimes, my lovelies, it has to be done!

You can cut everything up as large or as small as you like, and it works every time!  Basic beginners: attention - this recipe is also for YOU to impress someone.

Team it with many other dishes as an accompaniment, or I generally eat them on their own with a salad, for lunch, or dinner.  They are also good when you just feel like "something" to snack on as they have no added sugar.

These are also a very good recipe for those times when you are putting all the food on the table and getting people to help themselves - I prefer this as if I have visitors, I do not know how much each person wants to eat, so for me buffet style is great.

On saying that however, this recipe is not a large amount and is really only a main meal for two and possibly three people, depending on how much they eat.

I have used a jar of char grilled capsicum, however you can make your own by grilling red capsicum, skin side up, till the skin is burnt, and then peeling off the skin when cool.

They look attractive, are healthy, easy to make and they taste "yummy".

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes 
Makes: 12 mini pies

450- 490 g pumpkin, peeled
3 eggs, beaten lightly
200 g feta, cut into pieces
2 tbsp Parmesan, grated
2 tbsp sour cream
80 g char grilled capsicum, sliced finely
2 tbsp Kalamata olives, halved
4 spring onions, cut
1 sheet puff pastry
1 tsp shredded basil (optional)
2 Spring onions

Turn on the oven to 200°C or 190°C if the oven is fan forced.

Boil or steam the pumpkin till it is just tender, but do not overcook it at this stage.

Combine the egg, capsicum and olives.

Add the two cheeses, sour cream, and half the spring onions.

Mix this together gently.  Cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces.

Add pumpkin to rest of ingredients, and mix gently.

Defrost the pastry, and I always roll mine out a bit as I prefer pastry to be much thinner than the bought ones are. 

Using a 12 hole large muffin pan, grease this slightly, or it is easier to spray with olive oil.  You could also use baking paper though this takes longer as it needs to be cut.  I often use the paper patty pan ones as these also stop food sticking to the muffin pan.

Cut pastry into pieces that will fit in the muffin pan -I used a glass as a guide.

Put some pastry in each of the muffin holes, once again thinning it out so it goes up the edges a bit.

Divide the filling equally into the pastry.

If there is any liquid on the bottom of the mixing dish, pour this over each pie.

Bake for about 15 minutes or until the filling sets.  Sprinkle them with basil, if using, and the balance of the spring onions (I used neither on the top however it looks nicer with the green on top!)


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