I learnt this recipe from my mother who was from Europe, and I found that my Australian husband ended up eating so much we kept adding more eggs, he loved it so much.

It is much tastier than ordinary eggs with bacon, and tastes delicious - make the bacon as crispy as you want!

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 1 servings

2 eggs
Bacon  (I used 2 shortcut pieces)
Toast (optional)
Milk or cream

Cut up the bacon and put in frypan.  I use shortcut bacon as it has little fat, and I do not need oil as my pots are fat free.

Meanwhile crack the two eggs in a small bowl, add pepper to taste, and whisk with a fork.
Add a bit of milk or cream.  I believe chefs use cream however both are optional.

I hate cleaning, so I generally use a splatter guard when cooking things like bacon.

Meanwhile toast the bread if required.

I don't butter toast, but it tastes much nicer if you do.

Cook the eggs, you may need to add a little butter if using the low fat bacon.

Let the egg set slightly, and then scramble.  Do not overcook as it becomes dry.  I turn off my gas stove as soon as it reaches the slightly set stage.

Put on toast and eat.


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