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Pizza Toppings Using Leftovers

I had family from Interstate, and did not have much in the house, so we decided to make our own pizzas.  These are far healthier than bought ones, and two of the people also had to eat dairy free, so I knew exactly what was in the pizzas.

Pizzas are not really difficult to make, nor do they take a long time to make.  I usually make double the dough and freeze it so that I can just take it out of the freezer and make a pizza whenever I feel like it, or whenever I have leftovers!

However, in this instance, I had no dough and was in a hurry so used a bought base, which is not as nice as my own!

Pizzas are great as they can be made with whatever you have in the pantry, or the fridge, and the following are some suggestions for when you have unexpected visitors, or if you want a very tasty casual meal.  It is also a way to get children to eat vegetables, as they are often "hidden" when cut finely and cooked.  You could also put grated vegetables in the dough which children do not…

Tuna and Spinach Mornay Pie

This is a family meal, and a good way to get children to eat vegetables, as they are hidden!  If need be, cut them up very small so they do not actually see them.  This is healthy, as it has tuna in it which is rich in Omega 3's.

The taste of this meal is extra delicious, and quite easy to make with only 30 minutes of cooking time.  It can also be heated up easily in the microwave if you are making it for less people than five - I generally only cook for about 2 people but had visitors when I made this meal.

I generally use John West large tins of tuna in spring-water, however tuna in brine will also be OK - I do not use much salt in cooking due to high cholesterol problem!

Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Makes: 5 servings

50 g butter
1 medium onion, sliced thinly
¼ cup plain flour
2 cups milk
150 g baby spinach leaves
425 g can tuna in spring-water, drained
2 tbsp lemon juice
Mushrooms (optional)

400 g potatoes
350 g celeria…

Prawn and Quinoa Rice Paper Rolls

These are healthy spring rolls which are not fried, and therefore have no oil.  Rice paper rolls are easy to work with, and are an Asian speciality and available in the Asian isle of most supermarkets.

The prawns have been roasted in the oven, and the quinoa boiled, plus the recipe has raw vegetables in it.  It therefore has many healthy elements to it and saves you making a salad.  They are great either hot or cold, on a buffet table, and I also made a dipping sauce with them.

They are also good for lunch boxes, and are very versatile, and most importantly, my lovelies, they are very delicious!  I am often tempted to buy these, however even though they are a bit fiddly, they are quite easy to make, and you can virtually put in whatever filling you want.  If you don't eat prawns, substitute - anything goes with this recipe.  I also love cooking with Hoisin sauce as love both the smell and the taste of this Asian sauce.

I ate them on their own with the very yummy dipping sauce whi…

Chicken with Walnuts and Hoisin Sauce

This is an interesting mixture of ingredients, and is both sweet and salty.

I love food cooked using Hoisin sauce - this is the sauce that is used in Peking Duck which is one of my all time favourite foods.  It has an unusual taste, and goes very well with so many other ingredients, whether they are vegetarian or meat dishes.

This meal has a rich and unusual flavour, and could be also served with steamed vegetables. 

Cashew nuts could replace the walnuts if need be, however I had walnuts in my fridge so that is what I used in this instance.

I served it over potatoes so that I could soak the sauce into the potatoes, and then I dipped fresh home made bread into the left over sauce!  This was delicious and well worth eating a bit less so you can fit this in.

And remember, as I always say, my lovelies, do NOT over cook chicken breasts - they become dry and tough when overcooked.  If you JUST cook them so the pink is only just gone, they will be melt in your mouth delicious.

I mostly use …

Chicken Filled with Bacon, Almonds and Cheese

This chicken roulade (or roll) has a wonderful mixture of smooth cream cheese with bacon and almonds, and a hint of olives.

They are a bit fiddly to make, but well worth the effort. The taste is very delicate and the flavours are brilliant mixed together.

You need to flatten out the chicken as it is nicer if it is thinner, however this is optional.  I always cut off the bits of fat if there is any on chicken breasts, and I generally use Mt Barker (A West Australian chicken company) as I find their free range chickens are nicer than the cheaper ones.

I always emphasize, however, that you never over cook chicken breasts or they become dry - if you just cook them till the pink is gone, they will be tender and delicious.

This recipe is suitable at a buffet, as you can slice the chicken into thin slices and serve with any other finger foods.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 35 minutes
Makes: 5 servings

2 large or 4 smaller chicken breasts
125 g Philadelphia cream cheese,…

No Bake Lime Pie

This unusual combination of ingredients is for the sweet tooth, though the sweetness is diminished by the addition of lime juice and zest.

Lime (or lemons) are such a great combination, and this is unusual in that it has salty cracker biscuits as well - so you have sweet, bitter and salty.  I used Jatz biscuits but any slightly salty cracker would be fine.

You can either serve them in individual dishes or, as I have done, in one pie dish.  Either way, it tastes very yummy!

This is a great dessert to serve up when you have visitors, as it never fails to impress them.  It is also quite easy to make and requires no cooking, and only one dish to wash up.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes (plus overnight)
Cooking Time: 0 minutes
Makes: 5 servings

395 g tin sweetened condensed milk
275 g cream
¼ cup lime juice
¾ tbsp lime zest
About 150 g Ritz crackers

Combine the milk and cream in a large bowl.

Add the lime juice, and whisk it until it has thickened. This will take about 2 …

Easy Sourdough Bread with Walnuts

I made this loaf of bread in my bread-maker, and adapted it with things that I like in bread!  You could add whatever you wanted, or just have it plain.

It is a 1 kg size, and I generally slice it and then put the slices individually in the freezer.  This way there is no wastage, and I just take out one piece at a time, and it is always fresh.

I used Laucke bread mix as they have the European style bread, and I can add other things to many of their mixes, and get an excellent result.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: Varies
Makes: About 15 slices

I packet Laucke sourdough rye bread mix
Handful of walnuts
Sunflower and/or Pumpkin seeds

Follow your bread-maker instructions to make rye bread.

Add the nuts and seeds as per instructions - I put small seeds in with the mixture and larger ones.  I also put walnuts in the special holder that my bread-maker has for larger items.

You could also add other things as well, including garlic powder, grated cheese, LSA, caraway se…

Lime Butter with Biscotti

This is a rich dessert which I made into 3 portions, however the mixture is easily enough for four servings.  As I was on my own for this meal, I would have had to throw out if I made four, and did not want to waste the lemon butter!

You can use a shop bought lime butter (or curd) and it will look more like a trifle then, as the bought one has yellow colour in it, and the layers will be more distinct and look more like a trifle!

However, I much prefer my home made one, and you can see an easy recipe for lime curd or butter here

The home made one is really easy and quite quick, so if I have time, I would always make my own.  As you do not use a lot in this recipe, you would also have some left over for other uses!

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes
Makes: 4 servings

375 ml whipping cream
2 tbsp sifted icing sugar
½ - ¾ cup lemon butter/curd
Almond biscotti, to serve

Whip the cream and icing sugar until soft peaks form, and divide them into two bowls.

Add th…