Chocolate Sponge Fingers with Fruit

This is an unusual recipe, looks great, and tastes absolutely delicious.

It is basically chocolate covered sponge fingers, with a cream cheese mixture in the middle, stuck together with the melted chocolate!

You could put any fruit on the top and I have eaten it one day with pineapple and nectarine, and the next with just kiwi fruit.  Most fruit, and particularly berries, would go very well with this combination.

I generally use Lindt 70% chocolate, or a chocolate called Freys (available in Australia at Woolworths and cheaper than Lindt - just as good!) in cooking, as the finished product is as good as the quality of the chocolate in cooking.  I never use a cheaper type of chocolate, as it is like cooking with wine - the better the product, the better the outcome.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Makes: 4 servings

6 sponge fingers
100 g dark chocolate 
220 g Philadelphia spreadable Light cream cheese
¼ cup icing sugar, sifted (or a bit less)
1 tsp vanilla
Fresh fruit for serving e.g. fresh berries, mango, peaches, kiwi etc

Cut the sponge fingers in half lengthways.

Break up the chocolate ready to melt -I always do this in the microwave.

Once the chocolate is just melted, take it out of microwave and stir and stir it.

Dip the sponge finger ends into the chocolate and coat them well.  Place them on a lined tray or dish, to form a triangular shape.  Ensure the chocolate ends are overlapping as these will secure the frames once the chocolate has set.

Repeat with the remaining biscuits and chocolate to form four triangular frames.  I had a few small pieces left over so added these with chocolate to the tops of some. 

Allow the sponge fingers to set.

Meanwhile, combine the cream cheese with the sifted icing sugar and the vanilla.

Mix this all together thoroughly.

Once the chocolate is set, arrange the frames on individual plates or on one long plate.  Fill the centre of each with a dollop of cream cheese.

Add the fruit of your choice, as much or as little as you want, and serve.  Fresh pineapple goes very well with it, as it has a slightly tart taste.


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